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FIRE EXTINGUISHING ELIDE BALL 1.3kg 5 year shelf life

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1) Place the fire extinguisher ball near fire prone areas i.e. above an electrical circuit breaker or in a kitchen.
2) Install the fire extinguisher ball 10-30 centimeters above the spot with a high risk of the fire origin. Once activated the extinguisher range is up to 2.5 square meters.
3) For optimum protection a quantity of 2 fire extinguisher balls in the same location would be best advised.
4) Attach the bracket to the wall or ceiling and make sure to place the fire extinguisher ball with the blue arrow directed downward.
5) Three to five seconds after the fire extinguisher ball comes into the contact with an open flame or extreme heat the fire extinguisher ball will sound an alarm and disperse its extinguishing chemical in the process thus neutralizing the fire.
6) Thanks to the advanced technology the fire extinguisher ball is harmless to humans and the environment even dispersed near a person.

1) Weighing in a just 1.3 kilograms the fire extinguisher ball is very light weight and can easily be used by anyone, even children, women or the elderly.
2) Very simple to use in case of fire and can be mounted for home safety near gas cylinders or cooking tops. The fire extinguisher ball also works well for commercial areas i.e. in shopping mall units, factories, school’s hotels and gas stations. Due to its compact size the fire extinguisher ball is easily portable and can even be placed inside your car.
3) In case of the fire extinguisher ball can also be thrown near the fire protected area keeping you safe at distance and effectively extinguishing the fire. When the Fire extinguisher ball remains in contact with the flames, it will absorb the heat and as it reaches a temperature of 270 degrees Celsius, it will activate within 3-5 seconds and effectively extinguish the fire
4) Upon activation the fire extinguisher ball will also pop out loud audible

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